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Dr. Rajan Arora is the certified herbal specialist with the great experience and specialization in offering Ayurvedic treatment for the sexual problems in both males and females. Dr. Arora is B.A M.S(PB) FROM (G.N.D UNIVARSITY) and sexual problem specialist is awarded with many health care awards during his Ayurvedic practice for solving sexual problems.

As sexologist he has experience of more than two decades. His experience, knowledge and qualification make him first choice for any sex related problem. Patients feel themselves in the safe hands while getting treatment from this best sexologist Worldwide.




  • Rajan as Ayurvedic sexologist has explored this field extensively with his intensive experience and practice. He understands the dissatisfaction of patients and tries to find the root cause for problem and with proper counseling provide the proper treatment.
  • His main motive is to offer healthy and satisfied world to patients that could improve their marital relations. His is known for his effective and tailored made approach for the treatment.
  • Retaining privacy while treatment is his another specialty that make patients comfortable with him and they discuss their problem with Dr. Rajan without any second thought and hesitation. He provides such a novel treatments that help the patients to get escape from their problems without any risks or side effects.
  • Herbal medicines provided by Dr. Arora are totally safe, vegetarian, toxic free and without any use of chemicals which work effectively and promptly to cure the sexual problems in both the genders. He put his many years experience and best knowledge to provide the best treatment to patient so that patients can rely on him without any fear of side effects. He believes in building trustworthy and reliable relations with the patients so always strives for the best possible treatment for the patient.
  • His commitment for the beat quality treatment distinguishes him from the crowd and makes him stand in the front queue of the best sexologist in India.


He is best in offering Ayurvedic treatment for the following problems

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Early discharge
  • Male infertility
  • Swapandosh
  • Lack of sperm count
  • Loss of libido



His mission is to help the people that are suffering due to sexual dysfunction. As he believes that sexual dissatisfaction can break the families so he strives to save yours. With his team of experts he put his extravagant efforts to provide proper free counseling for the problem to both partners and then to frame the personalized treatment for each patient.