Best positions for intercourse for boosting chances of conceiving

Best positions for intercourse for boosting chances of conceiving

There are many odds for conceiving a baby but these odds get boosted up with some intercourse positions. However some believe it is naturally a woman conceives and even there is not much research work included but it will be great fun to try some positions that can rise the chances for conception.

Following are best postions that can made easy for women to get pregnant

Missionary position

It is the classic position in which man remains on top and is believed to be best for conception. This position gives you the advantage of utilizing gravity and it will be easy for sperms to travel and stay for conception.

Hands and knees

Deep penetration can also be good for conception so doggy style is considered to be good style for conception as it can make you closer to the cervix and it becomes easier for sperm to travel for its target.

Female on top

Having intimacy with the position of female on top can be position to flow against the gravity. It is pleasurable position for both men and women and with the fast swimmers things can go right way means sperms having faster swimming quality can work in this style and can be chance for women to get pregnant.

Rear entry position

This position can also increase chances for conception. It is the position in which female lies on her abdomen or kneeling and male do penetration then there can be good body contact and uterus remain on front so it becomes easy for sperm to enter in the uterus.

After sex females can lay down for 20 minutes by keeping pillow below their hips to improve their chances for conception and if you are facing difficulty in getting pregnant even after trying different styles for intercourse then you must see the Best Sexologist In India for best advice and treatment.

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