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What is erectile dysfunction?

For maintaining the sexual penetration firm and longer erection is needed to maintain. If man faces difficulty in maintaining or getting the firm erection then he is suffering from erectile dysfunction.
In simple words if male face difficulty with their penis becoming hard or staying firm while intercourse then he is considered to have erectile dysfunction. This condition can affect adversely to the sexual performance of men that lead to disturbed sexual relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

 Sometimes the men could not get the rock hard erection which leads to sexual dissatisfaction. This condition can fetch the felicity of anyone as it is question mark on the feeling of manhood. But now there is nothing to worry as this condition is curable. As santushti Dwakhana offers the effective erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi based on the Ayurvedic healing system

How treatment works?

These erection problems can be due to psychological, medical and physical factors so the blood does not circulate in the penis so it could not erect. Our herbal medicines work effectively to get firm and sustain the erection. These medicines provide strength to the muscles of penis and improve the blood circulation so the penis naturally get rock hard erection during the sexual intercourse.

Our medicines do not contain any chemical substance so don’t have any side effect for the patients. These purely herbal medicines contain the plants’ leafs, stems, roots and other natural substances like minerals and vitamins that help to cure the problem from its root.

Our best treatment can surely improve your performance in bed and improve your sexual pleasure that will lead to improved relations with partner.

Patients can buy these herbal medicines even online from our official website.

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Before knowing about the causes of erectile disorder it is essential to understand how erection happens physically.

How erection happens?

With the relaxation of the muscles blood get flew into the cylinder shaped spongy tissue of the erection chamber. This flow of blood creates an increased tissue pressure and then lead to the erection.

This erection stays longer till the ejaculation or stimulation get stop and the valves play essential role in it as these valves prevent the back flow of blood through the veins. Erection happens due to the increased tissue pressure due to blood flow which happens sue to brain stimulation by touch or other stimuli.

Physiological causes

Erectile function can be affected due to problem in the blood flow, nervous supply and hormones. These problems may occur due to vascular causes that lead to disturbance in blood flow and neurological causes.
Excessive smoking and diabetes cause atherosclerosis which is the condition in which arteries of penis get narrow or clog. This condition is the most common vascular cause of ED.

Even diabetes can damage the nerves that can surpass the brain signals and hence to firm and longer erection.
Some surgeries around the pelvis, stroke, and spinal cord injury are neurological causes that lead to the erectile dysfunction. Lack of nutrition and lack of physical activity and poor lifestyle can also lead to ED.
Some cardio vascular factors like hyper tension can also lead to this condition as it impacts the blood flow.

Recent Developments

Some time males face this problem due to excessive riding bicycle as regular cycling for longer hours can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction; however studies have shown that there is no link between riding bike and erectile dysfunction.

Physical Causes

Sometimes some serious medical conditions also lead to erection problems such as heart deseas and narrowing of blood vessels diabetes high cholesterol. Obesity is also house of diabetes so lead to ED. Some conditions like hormonal disorder like thyroid and testosterone deficiency also cause this problem.

Males that get indulge in excessive smoking alcoholism substance abuse including cocaine also get effected from erectile dysfunction. If the person has prostate disease then its treatment can also lead to ED problem.

Radiation therapy, injuries in the pelvic area or spinal code can also lead to same problem.

Psychological causes

There is also one primary condition for erectile dysfunction in which a man had never achieved an erection. Otherwise some mental health factors like guilt, fear of intimacy, depression, and severe stress, can also lead to erection problems.

But most of the males face this condition in secondary stage, which means initially erectile function was normal, but now is problematic. This stage can occur due to mental health illness, emotional stress, and disturbance in relations with the partner.

These psychological causes can lead to loss of interest in sex and ultimately to ED. Some problems like loose temper, financial problems, work pressure, can cause prolonged stress, that can create the erection problems.

In some cases male partner have repeated feeling of doubt about sexual performance, poor communication with the partner while intercourse, lack of pleasure while sex can lead to erection problems.

The real psychology in achieving orgasm

It is not just the body to be present but all parties which include the mind, body, and partner. When a man and the woman are equally interested in having sex, there will be total satisfaction and they will reach the climax. This brings a difference in the case where one partner is not interested or has sexual dysfunctions.

Some women can achieve orgasm in a lesser time that means after the touching part of the exercise and on the other hand, men can do the same. This entirely depends on the rate of interest and anxiety between the two. Sex is a crucial exercise since it requires energy. Men loose more calories whenever they have sex compared to women.

Psychologically and physically the participants are taken up and that is why sex is recommended for stressed or depressed individuals. It relaxes a person and the minds can function in a better manner as time elapses. There is pleasure and satisfaction for the married couples and that is why sex is an important matter in marriage.

One has to check him or herself to know whether he makes up to the other’s desires. Some issues that can complicate this matter are arousal disorders, the willingness of the other partner, psychological torture and so on. Sex is believed to solve many matters for people and scientists recommend couples to have sex at least on a regular basis. Those who work can at least get a sense of relaxation through it.