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Sexual problems are also called sexual dysfunction. It is basically inability of person from experiencing the satisfaction while or after the sexual intercourse. In these problems four phases of the sexual response cycle get disturbed that are excitement, plateau, and orgasm and last is resolution.

These problems are quite common in males and females but in male count are 31% but in females it is 43%. These problems can be prevented and treated so it is important to get aware about all these problems and even to discuss with the doctor and of course your partner.

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What are female sexual problems

In females sexual problems are quite common as the females face difficulty while intimacy. Females can get affected from the various problems like loss of sex drive, inhibited sex desire in which female partner lost her interest or desire in sex due to one and many reasons.

Another problem that can affect the sexual cycle of female is her inability to become aroused. In this condition women do not get aroused during the intercourse. Insufficient vaginal lubrication is involved in this condition and can be due to anxiety or inadequate stimulation.

Some females also suffer from the problem in which they have lack of sex climax means they have lack of orgasm due to various reasons like lack of experience , knowledge and even the anxiety.

Painful intercourse is also one problem related to the female sexual problems in which females feel excessive pain during and after the sexual activity. Sometimes females find the sex activity quite boring and passive so they can not enjoy the sexual activity and face problems. Attitude towards the partner can also affect the sexual relationship of females.

Causes of Sexual Problems?

Sexual problems can be caused by various factors that can be either physical or psychological.


Physical causes

Most of the sexual problems are caused due to the physical problems in female. These factors can be some diseases or some medications. Diabetic women cannot enjoy their sexual life much. Heart problems, hormonal problems, neurological diseases, menopause, chronic diseases like kidney or liver problem can affect the sexual life of females.

Some women also get indulge in alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse so these habits can also disturb their sexual life. Side effects of some medicines also disturb the sexual intercourse and lead to sexual problems.

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes can create sexual problems for both men and women. Some time work related stress, concern for sexual performance while intercourse, problems in the marital relationships can also lead hindrance for sex pleasure.

Feeling of guilt, some past of sexual trauma and depression can also lead to the sexual problems in both genders.