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Impotence is the condition in which males have inability to get and keep the erection while intercourse. This condition is also known as the erectile dysfunction.

This condition disturbs the sexual life of couple and males remain unable to satisfy their partner during the sex activity. This condition may happen due to various reasons and at any point of age but the risk of impotence can increase with the age.

Mainly in this condition male partner get fail to get and sustain the erection while intimacy so feel depressed on their inability to satisfy their partner which can add more to the erection problem.

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Causes of Impotence

This problem can be caused due to various factors as follows

Endocrine Problems

Endocrine system of the body produces the hormones that regulate the sexual functions, metabolism, reproduction, mood so problem in this system can lead to disturbance in the sexual life.

Diabetes is one of the endocrine diseases that can cause impotence as it affects the ability of body to utilize the hormone insulin and even it cause the nerve damage.

Diabetic men feel penis sensations and problems in the blood flow and hormone level so face the erectile dysfunction.

Some Lifestyle & Psychological Factors

Apart from the above medical causes there are also some factors related to the living and eating habit can also lead to the problem in erection.  Habits like drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking can lead to impotence. Apart from these factors some mental and physical stress due to work related pr other issues can also affect adversely to the sexual life of males.

Depression, Feeling of guilt, fear for the sexual performance and lack of confidence also create problems for sustaining the erection while sexual activity.


Side effects of some medications also lead to impotence problem in males. Some medicines affect the blood flow and which lead to erectile problem in the men. Some cancer medications, radiations, central never system stimulators also affect the erectile functioning so lead to the impotence problem.

Cardiac Related Problems

Cardiac conditions that affect the functioning of the heart and its pumping ability and can cause erectile dysfunction.  For erection there is great need of blood flow in the penis as otherwise it cannot get and sustain the erection without pressure exerted by the blood flow.

Neurological and Nerve Disorders

These disorders can increase the risk of impotence as these neurological conditions affect the ability of brain to send signal so the person fail to achieve erection.

Neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Brain or spinal tumors, multiple sclerosis, stroke , temporal lobe epilepsy and people that have gland surgery also experience the nerve damage so  cause impotence.