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Low Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire is a condition during which a person doesn’t desire much to have sex. It results into complications in a relationship and increased stress. There are different causes of this problem such as:

  1. Abnormal sugar level
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Depression
  4. Side-effects of antidepressants and anti-seizure medicines

Low sexual problem fluctuates over the time. If you suffer from the persistent lack of interest in sexual activities, you may experience hypoactive sexual desire disorder that is also called as arousal disorder.


Treatment for low sexual desire

We at Santushti Clinic offer a herbal treatment to improve the sexual desire in a natural manner. The treatment is based on Ayurveda that cures the hormonal disorder. The medicines used in the treatment consist of plant roots, stem, mineral oils and various natural materials.
Additionally, the essential changes in lifestyle and sexual techniques as suggested by our sexologist, also improve your mood. We take care of your problems and offer the complete guidance about the best treatment.

How does herbal treatment work?

The medicine improves blood flow towards the reproductive organs to increase the cell growth. It enhances nerve strength and after the complete treatment, the patient receives a rejuvenated body to live a happy sexual life. It boosts your sexual performance with the utmost satisfaction offered to your partner.

As the medicines contain herbal extracts so they can be directly used irrespective of your previous treatment. Our sexologist will guide you with the complete prescription and the way to use the medicine.

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