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What is male infertility?

Parenthood is god gifted and simple experience for most of the couples but few remain deprived from the same due to inability to conceive either due to fertility issues in female or male.

Male fertility is counted from the count and quality of his sperms otherwise it can be hard for the couple to conceive. Male infertility is the issue of either sperm count or of quality that hinder the reproduction.

Arrange your visit at professional doctors and counselors for evaluation, diagnosis and guidance of health. Infertility in men occurs due to various factors such as oligospermia and azoospermia that refers that the patient lacks the sperms in his body and he is unable to produce sperms in body that is caused by extensive stress. If the patient smokes or is an extensive smoker or drinker or has problems with carbohydrates, proteins or vitamins.

It can be handled with suitable medication and we are a best doctor recommended to enhance lifestyle, workout and walk for 45 minutes in early morning and take suitable diet that treats the base root level.

Highest count of infertile couples has problems in men not in women, it is because when a man is unable to offer good quality sperm for fertilization and how the pregnancy will occur.

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Is it common?

Reproduction issues are not problem of single person as infertility is widespread problem. Studies have shown one in eight couples are suffering from infertility.
In 5 infertile couples one is suffering to male infertility and even 20 men has infertility problem due to low count of sperms.


Male infertility is not easy to detect as semen appears normal to the naked eyes. If the couple face problem in pregnancy then both partners are examined and few medical tests are performed then it can be cleared that pregnancy issues are due to male infertility.

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Causes of male infertility

Main causes of male fertility issue are sperm production or due to problem in sperm transport. Infertility specialist can detect the cause of problem after medical testing. 60% infertile men suffer from the problem due to the production of sperms in testes or due to low quality production.
In 20% men infertility is caused by the sperm transport cause. Even blockages in tubes, sexual problems also affect the semen.

Common causes

Sperm production problems

As most of the infertility issues are due to sperm production issues which can be caused due to genetic or chromosomal reasons. Infections and failure of the testes also hinder the production of sperms.

Side effects of medicines and chemicals, radiation damage and some unknown causes can make the low count production of sperms.

Sperm antibodies

Due to vasectomy, injury or infection in epididymis sperm antibodies are caused which affect adversely to male fertility.

Blockage of sperm transport

Sperm transport disturbance also cause male fertility problem. This disturbance is caused by infections, prostrate- related problems, and vasectomy and even due to absence of vas deferens.

Sexual problems

Some male infertility cases are caused due to sexual problems such as Retrograde and premature ejaculation, ejaculation failure, erectile dysfunction, less frequently intercourse, injury of spinal cord, damage of nerves and side effects of medicines also cause infertility problem. Prostrate surgery also causes sexual problems.

Hormonal problems

Pituitary problem since birth or congenital lack of LH/FSH also cause infertility. Tumours in pituitary gland and androgenic steroid abuse also cause infertility issue in males.

Two messenger LH/FSH hormones act on testes

The male reproduction system has testes, closed system of ducts and glands that work into the tubes. For the control of the male reproductive system brain plays essential role.

Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) are important part of male reproduction system and act as messenger hormones made by the pituitary gland which is located at the base of brain.

The testes are egg shaped glands that are located in the scorturm near to the base of the penis outside the body. Male sperms and sex hormones are made by this pair of glands. In 70 days sperm become able to fertilise the egg. After sperm release from testes it spend 2-10 days through epididymis which give it ability to become motile and to get attach and penetrate the egg.

At the orgasm sperm transportation is done by the waves of muscles with the small amount of fluid and this transportation is done from the testes to vas deferens. Seminal vesicles and prostrate also play important role in reproduction system by contributing extra fluid for the protection of sperms. The entire system work till the travelling of sperm and fluid along urethra to tip of penis and its release