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Sexual relationship is an important part of man’s life irrespective of his age status or sexual orientation. Even sexual intercourse is important part of marital life as it contributes to the quality of life.
Some males remain worried due to disturbance in their sexual life as they consider it as direct hit to their masculine feeling. This sexual problems or dysfunction can be define as male’s inability to have satisfactory and pleasurable sexual relationship.
In common words it can be said that sexual problems are those that can affect the quality of life and lead to psychological problems.

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  • Male Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Penile Implants
  • Circumcision
  • Impotence
  • Night Discharge
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Low Sexual Desire

Penis size: Many men worry about their small penis size meanwhile there are several myths related with modern lifestyle and trends. With most men are having a penis size larger than enough for sexual satisfaction of their partner, in few cases the treatment is needed when the size of this organ is smaller than adequate.

Wide Masturbation: However masturbation is good and is a sign of natural sex that doesn’t need any treatment until it becomes a habit. In few cases, it may become a problem if it is done extensively and more commonly.

Spermatorrhea or Dhat: It is a condition when there is an unusual semen discharge without sexual activity.


Complete sexual function involves the coordination between various parts of body collectively. Sexual functions starts with hormones and neurological pathways that give birth to sexual desire. After these blood vessels nerves and penile integrity play essential role in maintaining sexual relation as all these are needed for firm and longer erection.

Muscles and nerves are needed for ejaculation as when muscles of the base of penis get contracted then it allow the sperm to get release from the body. Orgasm must be understood for understanding sexual function as it involves the coordination of brain and muscles.

Presence of sexual dysfunction must be arrested by the evaluation of all these body systems involved in the chain of sexual function.

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There can be 2 types of causes for sexual dysfunction that are physical causes and psychological causes.


In the physical Causes various factors can contribute such as low level of testosterone, side effects of some drugs like medicine of high blood pressure, disorders of blood vessels like hardening of arteries, stroke or nerve damage due to diabetes or surgeries can lead to sexual problems in males.

In few cases, smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse habits can also cause sexual dysfunctions in males.


Brain stimulation after touching or other stimuli play essential role in sexual functions so mental health disturbance can disturb the brain, in sending signals while intercourse.

Factors like male concern for sexual performance, depression, and feeling of guilt can create sexual dysfunction. In most of cases problem in the marital relationships and effects of past sexual trauma can also disturbs sexual relationships.

In few cases prolonged stress due to emotional disturbance, work related issues can also effect adversely to intercourse.


Common sexual problems in men are troubles in ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual desire

Ejaculation Disorder

Ejaculation disorder can be of 3 types.

Premature ejaculation

It is the condition in which ejaculation occurs before or too early after penetration. In this condition male get release of sperms before reaching at the state of excitement , it can be cause due to stress, lack of confidence, depression, problem with the partner, and some injuries in the spinal cord.

Inhibited or delayed ejaculation

It is the condition when either ejaculation does not happen or take very long time. This condition can be caused due to long term health problems, side effects of medicines, alcohol or drug abuse, surgeries, and anxiety.

Retrograde Ejaculation

In this condition at orgasm, semen is forced back into bladder rather than to come out from penis. This condition is most common in nails that suffer from diabetic nerve damage. In some cases medications, problem in the nerve of bladder and prostate can also lead to this condition.


It is the condition in which male has inability to get keep an erection for sexual intercourse. According to studies men after the age of 40 face this problem. This dysfunction is caused due to muscular or nerve disorder, injury to penis, diabetes, high blood pressure, unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse.



It is also known as [] low libido, which means when desire or interest in sex get decrease. This condition is considered to be connected with level of male hormone testosterone as level of testosterone maintains sex drive, sperm production, muscles, and even hair and bones.

Studies have shown that low level of testosterone can affect body and mood, so it can lead to loss of sex drive. Reduce sexual desire can be caused by relationship difficulties, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and stress.

How Are Male Sexual Problems Diagnosed?

Most of the male sexual problems can be diagnosed and treated. For the complete diagnosis doctors examine the problem by knowing its symptoms and then physically examination is also done

Males are asked questions about their problem and the symptoms for the sexual dysfunction. And then according some tests like blood tests, vascular assessment, sensory testing, nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity testing are recommended to arrest the problem. According to the test reports the real cause of the sexual dysfunction is detected to move further for treatment.

After the diagnosis patients can also be referred to some other specialists like health professional, counselors, urologist and sex therapists.

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