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It has been a life time question and even some wives may ask their husbands whether they ever masturbate. Truly speaking if you are a married man and you still masturbate you are bound to kill your marriage because the woman feels useless. For teenagers masturbation may be looked as an easy way to avoid early sexual intercourse and also some other boys or men may do it due to lack of a partner.

Some studies say masturbation is ok but it becomes bad for your health when it turns to be a habit. They also show that 92% of men masturbate while at least 60% of women do it. There are cases where a man may masturbate before marriage only to reach in one and fail to get things right with the partner.

One thing that some people fail to understand is that sex and that feeling associated with it was made to be felt in marriage and between a man and a woman. Any violation in this context changes the results of sex. When masturbation becomes a habit sex looses its meaning and the satisfaction you would have got from it also vanishes. Here are some of other effects of masturbation

  • Negative attitude towards sex and also less satisfaction from it
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lower back and pelvic pain

Weak erection during sex which also may take long


Masturbation can be treated with Ayurvedic medicines which can also help return your libido for sex. The medicines are 100% natural with no side effects

The expert will also teach you on how to eradicate the problem at home in order for you to enjoy normal sexual life.

Masturbation is bad and not healthy in cases where it is an addiction that can even ruin your marriage. You can access good treatment at our center to eradicate this threat.

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