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What is penile implant?

Erectile dysfunction is the condition that can spoil the sexual life of males in which males face inability to get the firm and longer erection. For such males penile implants is the best option as with this treatment this problem can be rectified.

Penile prosthesis are malleable or inflatable devices that are implanted surgically. In the surgery bendable rods are implanted within the erection chambers of penis. After the implant penis remain semi rigid or needs to be lifted in the erection position while intercourse.

Many men with erection problems choose this treatment option as it is natural and easier to conceal and give option to men whenever he chooses. This option is best solution when there is clear medical cause for erectile dysfunction. Even it has been done to reconstruct penis


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Is it Noticeable?

This implant is undetectable for others and person would not be embarrassed in the public rest rooms or locker rooms. Person that has the implantation can notice the small surgical scar at the bottom of penis or in lower abdomen.

Are these Implants Safe?

Advanced technologies have made it possible to get penile implants without any kind of complications or risk. However some surgeries can result into complications such as uncontrolled bleeding after surgery and even sometime patient has to go for another surgery.

In some cases, patient can suffer from infection. Scar tissue formation is common issue is connected to surgery and some time scar tissue can break down which is called erosion.

Mechanical failure of the system is also other complication of surgery however it is not common.

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How Penile Implants Work?

In the inflatable penile implant surgery two cylinders one reservoir and other pump are placed in penis and with tubing are connected to separate reservoir of fluid. Under the groin muscles reservoir is implanted and pump is connected that is placed under loose skin of scrotal sac between the egg shaped glands called testicles.

After the implantation, when man presses on the pump and then fluid get transfer from the reservoir to cylinder in the penis and inflate. With pressing on a deflation valve fluid get reversed to the reservoir that deflate the penis

Penis Size After Implants

Penis size is the major concern after surgery if patients have realistic expectations about the results after surgery and understand how implants work and about the expectations of size after surgery they can get satisfactory results after surgery.

If the surgery has been done by the experienced surgeon then patient can get satisfactory results after surgery and even before the surgery they can know about the entire procedure and its working.

After surgery sex life can be improved as little length can be added to penis and otherwise the skin sensation and stiffness remain same as the natural erection after implants