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cells. Person may notice the following symptoms

  • Rough patch of skin usually red or pink in color on the areas that have sun exposure
  • Waxy, raised and pink bumps called basal cell carcinoma
  • Red, scaly and rough skin lesions on hands, head, neck , lips or areas that get sun exposure
  • Bleeding on the pale patch of skin if get injured and even can ooze and can become crusty in some cases



It is the common skin problem that can have following symptoms

  • Small raised bumps red in color called papules
  • Small red pimples with having pus on tips called pustules
  • Solid painful lumps inside the surface of skin called nodule
  • Painful infections inside the surface of the skin that have pus called cysts


It is the skin condition that changes the life cycle of cells forces them to build up rapidly on the surface of skin. It has the symptoms like

  • Thick red patches on the skin
  • Red spots generally on the torso , face, limbs and scalp
  • Red and shinny rash in the skin folds
  • White pustules surrounded by red skin
  • Burn like patches that cover large portion of body


It is also known as the urticaria nettle rash and can cause the blood vessels to become inflamed. It has the symptoms

  • itchy and raised weal or welts
  • painful while touching and red in color
  • small, round and ring shaped or even can be large


it is the rare but fatal disease also known as the flesh eating bacteria disease.  It gets spread aggressively and rapidly and has following symptoms

  • warm and red skin with sore muscles
  • small red and painful bumps that develop rapidly
  • oozing
  • discolored skin
  • lesions


it is the painful bacterial skin infection in which bacteria enters through the crack or cut in the skin. It has the symptoms

  • pain and tenderness in the affected area
  • inflammation of skin
  • skin sore and rash that spread rapidly
  • tight , glossy and swollen appearance of the affected area skin
  • fever
  • pus formation in the central area that has abscess


It is the rare and inherited condition that affects the connective tissues and causes the tight tissue to be loose. This skin problem has the symptoms

  • Loose and wrinkled skin
  • Poor muscle tone with varying severity
  • Fragile bones and developmental delays
  • Loose joints
  • Slower heart rate than normal
  • Under developed lungs


It is the chronic inflammatory condition in which immune system attacks the tissues and organs. Symptoms for this skin disease can be temporary or permanent and can come rapidly and grow gradually. Common symptoms are

  • Fever and fatigue
  • Painful and swollen joints
  • butterfly or disc shaped rash on face covering the cheeks and bridge of nose
  • Sunburn like rash
  • Scaly red ring shapes or patches


It is the skin problem of abnormal buildup of the blood vessels on or under the surface of skin that look like red wine or strawberry colored birthmark. Common symptoms are

  • Generally appear on the face or neck of infants
  • Small red patch that sometimes begins to protrude
  • Generally this condition disappear by the age 10


It is the common condition that causes the redness and visible blood vessels on face. It has the symptoms as follows

  • Persistent redness in the central part of face
  • Swollen and visible small blood vessels on nose and cheeks
  • Pus containing bumps appear like acne
  • Eye dryness, irritation, swelling and reddened eyelid
  • Thicken skin on nose called enlarged nose


It is the condition that can cause the loss of skin color in blotches and it has the symptoms

  • loss of color pigment in skin
  • focal pattern
  • depigmentation on the only inside of body
  • premature graying of hair on scalp and face


It is the bacterial and fungal infection of skin and has the following symptoms

  • it affects generally to the skin folds like armpits and areas between fingers
  • appear red or white in color
  • develop as crack, sore skin and blisters and pustules


It is the condition in which sweat glands do not function properly and it may affect the entire body or the single area. It has the symptoms like

  • person has minimal perspiration
  • flushed appearance or feeling of dizziness
  • cramps or weakness in the muscles
  • feeling too hot


It is known as the bed sore or pressure sore that happens generally on the skin covering the bones as an open wound. It happens generally in the people that spent long period of time on bed or wheel chair. It has symptoms

  • Open skin
  • Skin discoloration and infection
  • Painful
  • Softer or firmer skin than the surrounding area


It is the viral infection of the respiratory system and also contagious and can get spread with the mucus or saliva.  Common symptoms for this disorder are

  • Runny nose, cough and cold
  • Fever
  • Red eyes and sore throat
  • Reddish – brown rash spreads down
  • Red spots with blue white center inside the mouth

Cold Sore

It is the skin condition known as the fever blisters that generally appear around the lips. It is the viral infection and has symptoms like

  • Fluid filled blister red in color around the mouth
  • Tingling and burning in lips before the sore
  • Painful sore or tender to touch


It is the common skin disorder that seems like eczema. It can affect both body and scalp

It has the following symptoms

  • White or yellow scaly patches that flakes off
  • it can turn the affected areas red , greasy, oily or itchy
  • skin rash that even cause hair loss in that area


it can be flat or smooth bumps that have rough surface and tiny blood vessels grow into these bumps for blood supply. It has the symptoms as follows

  • rough, grainy and round bumps
  • bumps with the small hole in the of foot surrounded b hard skin
  • flat bumps with flat top that can be pink, brown or slight yellow in color


it is the red painful and swollen cluster of boils that are connected to each other beneath the skin. It has symptoms

  • red and irritated lump beneath the surface of skin
  • body ache and fatigue
  • fever , oozing and skin crustiness


it is the contagious skin condition and usually occur in the young children or infants. In this disorder hands, neck or face get affected. Common symptoms are

  • itchy and painful rash
  • fluid filled blisters that pop easily
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • red sores and skin lesions